Collection Dupe – Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp palette

Welcome to my “No, you don’t need that” series where I hopefully talk myself out of buying makeup I don’t need! To be fair, I probably don’t need most of my collection, but as a makeup lover, I need my variety! A lot of the time, I get temped by things that I can do without. I decided that whenever I get tempted, I’ll create a look with what I already have to prove that I don’t actually need it. I hope this inspires you to make use of your collection as well!

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How trauma affects us – let’s look at our behavior patterns

I watched Paris Hilton’s documentary on trauma and I’ve been in this strange headspace. I won’t comment on the documentary itself because this post is not a review. I just find it so morbidly fascinating to analyze where our behavior stems from. We have to dig deep within ourselves to become more self-aware and accountable.

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Eccentric style vs. Elegant style

I feel like when we describe our personal style, there’s a divide. We could either say “I like experimenting and trying unconventional things” or “I like polished and streamlined fashion.” And to that, I say why not both? Sure, it’s important to dress for the occasion, but that doesn’t mean we have to like one more than the other. Here are some of my favorite looks from both ends.

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