Tips to Looks Slayin’ in Winter

So here’s the deal. I live in Canada, the land of winters so freezing that the rest of the world jokes about how we all live in igloos. Some days when the weather outside is -20 degrees celsius, I want to just curl up next to a friendly polar bear. Sadly, there’s no cuddly-wildlife-rental service here (yet), so the next best thing is sweatpants and hoodies. When you’re a busy student , it’s easy to fall into the trap of wearing the most shapeless (but comfortable) clothing in the dead of winter. And the fact that you can still pass as fashionable enough if you wear all black doesn’t make it any better. A few days of sacrificing silhouettes for the sake of productivity doesn’t hurt, but this year, I fell hard into that slump. As someone so connected to style, when I look blah, I feel blah too. You know that saying, “give a woman the right lipstick and she’ll take over the world”? That’s totally me, except I’d accidentally burn down the world attempting to make the largest ever creme brûlée. I’d assume that your mood is influenced by your style too, since you’re reading from the fashion tag. Well, here’s a few simple tricks I picked up to stay reasonably stylish over the rest of winter.

Colourful hair and/or bold makeup


I know that not everyone is in a profession where it’s okay to have crazy hair, but if you are and always wanted to look like a fabulous alien, go for it! Winter is honestly the best time to have bright hair. I’ve been wanting to tone mine silver for the longest time, but I’m sticking with turquoise until winter ends. Makeup is one of the best ways to up your look without even wearing anything fancy. Remember that bit about the lipstick? 😉 It’s virtually impossible to go about your day frowning when you have a bold lip colour on.

Heeled snow boots


But won’t you slip and break something? Good quality heeled snow boots all have traction. Mine saved me from falling on my butt while walking down the driveway this morning. They don’t even need to be 5 inches high or stilettoed. An extra 2-3 inches would be enough to add that oomph to your step, and make your outfit look classier. I recommend thick heels or wedges if you have to deal with a lot of snow (I know I do).

Sweater tights


They’re sweaters for your legs! Whoever says you can’t wear dresses and skirts in the winter has never heard of sweater tights. I usually pair mine with a dress since it’s the easiest thing to throw on. But I’ve seen girls wear them with their summer shorts too! No more separating winter and summer wardrobes. Get one in black or charcoal grey as a “safe” colour and also one in an accent colour like wine red or turquoise.

Ditch the black winter coat

trendy warm bright colorful winter coats.JPG

This feels like the most no-sh*t-Sherlock thing to say ever, but here it is. In places where a down parka is an essential, there are countless colour and style choices. One girl in my year has this cropped coffee-coloured coat that works insanely well on her, even though it’d make me look like a paper bag. Know which silhouette works for you, and choose a colour that makes you feel energetic. Red is forever my power colour. Bonus: you’ll also be easier for drivers to see at night! Another bonus: you can get away with wearing all-dark bottoms.

Chiffon layered with sweater


One of the styling tips I’d go to the grave with. A flowy chiffon can make any sweater look instantly more sophisticated. And they give that extra back coverage if you’re wearing leggings. You could wear a sleeveless chiffon top if you don’t want to risk the sleeves all getting bunched together. It doesn’t have to be a cropped sweater- chiffon would go with any sweater that is significantly shorter than it. My chiffon goes all the way down to mid-thigh.


But then again, if you’re anything like me and have those days where you can’t be bothered to put in more than minimal effort, there’s always the black jogger.



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