The April Boxycharm is stacked!!

Holy cow, I can barely hold my excitement!! When I saw the first spoiler on Mysubscriptionaddiction , I was like “okay, that’s pretty good, but let’s see what else will be in there”. And then when the second spoiler came out yesterday I almost crapped my pants!!

So here are the two spoiler and I’m already sold!!



Are you kidding me?!?! I’ve been eyeing Boxycharm for the past couple of months, but never have I been THIS excited!!

I’ve been wanting a new palette for a while and was debating ordering the March Boxycharm for the Pur pallete. But then I decided to hold off since I didn’t know much about that brand. And then the April spoilers get dropped??? Even if I got the smallest Colorpop palette, I’d still be pretty happy. But I’m hoping for the Pony one or Golden State of Mind.

Okay, anyways, this post is just me unable to contain my excitement and I will definitely be reviewing these products!!


>3<  ~ Jin


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