Natural glowy look with YSL Touche Eclat

A while back, I got a Touche Eclat concealer pen when I worked as a product demo. It’s one of YSL’s top selling products, but there’s a lot of mixed opinions. So I gave it a try for myself and here’s my thoughts on who would love it and who would hate it.

I did my whole look with the theme of “glowly makeup for a coffee chugging day”.

As you can see, my skin isn’t perfect up close. I’ve been getting a ton of breakouts lately.

People who would looooove YSL Touche Eclat

  • People with $$$ (just kidding! they def enjoy a ‘luxe’ experience)
  • They don’t wear a lot of makeup
  • They often repurchase! When they finish something that worked nicely, they’d rather buy it again than try out something new
  • Their dark circles aren’t awful. They just like having a little something to touch up their already-flawless skin

People who would hate it

  • They like high coverage concealers
  • They usually do full-face makeup
  • They’ve tried a good number of products over the years, so they have a wide frame of reference
  • Drugstore dupe queens!
  • Very critical of luxury brands. That ‘high end, nice packaging’ experience doesn’t really entice them

My thoughts of Touche Eclat

  • I’m in an in-between where I appreciate high end makeup, but I want to be smart about what I spend more on
  • I never wear concealer. I don’t see a point in lighter coverage concealers when you could get the same result with a bit of foundation
  • It is a beautiful product! It blends and layers very nicely, and I do see the appeal of it!
  • Would I buy it full price at $52 CAD? Hell, no! I’d rather buy a nice foundation for that price
  • Howeverrrr, YSL does release these in limited edition packaging and they go on sale when the season is over. Getting one with special packaging on sale for $30 is much more reasonable

In conclusion, I think this is a nice product and it performs well on me. I would purchase this on sale if I become the type of person who doesn’t wear foundation. As I am now, I don’t think I’m the target demographic who’d buy this over and over.

Anyways, here’s the rest of the products that went into today’s look.

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