Worthwhile things other than clothes to treat yo self to

I got this idea when I had to pick up some cute makeup brushes from Winners. (I honestly don’t care if they’re not the best. I need galaxy theme brushes in my life!!) So I thought I might as well pick up some clothes since I need a few things anyways. Lo and behold, there was not one piece I liked. It got me thinking that there’s tons of things other than clothes for us fashion girls to treat ourselves to.

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What I’d take with me on a surprise getaway

My friends and I joke all the time about spontaneously getting on a plane, escaping the continent, and never looking back. Bad breakup? Not sure where you’re going with life? Broken nail before a big event? Hop on a plane and never return. It really makes me think about the days before technology where you could actually start a new life somewhere else with a new identity and nobody would raise an eyebrow.

Anyways, here are five pieces I’d bring with me if I had 20 minutes to get to the airport and never return.

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