April Boxycharm Verdict

These were taken on three different days…I have more than one hoodie guys! This is the one I only wear at home since it’s always freezing.

Just a heads up that I did not test out the Adesse liquid lipstick. The shade is similar to the Nyx Lip Lingerie (which is what I used in the photos). And I have a habit of finishing a product before opening another one that’s similar to it.


The Browgal Microfiber Gel

I tried the “brow mascara” on its own in the first photo. It went on smoothly, but personally, I like a sharper look for my brows. So in the second and third photos, I defined my brows with the Beauty Treats gel and filled them in with the Browgal. The microfibers do make my brows looks denser than if I only used a product with pigment.


Tarte Liquid Highlighter

I got the shade Exposed, which is a very wearable gold. Consistency is on the thicker end while still being blendable and buildable. It gives a pretty, natural glow on its own. And it does layer well under a powder highlight if you want a more blinding look.


Dr Brandt Pores no More

I used this mask two times already on the nose and forehead. It leaves my skin feeling smooth, but hasn’t really reduced the visible size of my pores yet. I was surprised to find that 30 mls of this product retails for $47! Let me know if you want me to continue using this regularly to find out if it’s worth the price.


Colourpop Golden State of Mind

This is the first Colourpop product I’ve ever used and I’m very happy with it. I love shimmers and these swatch and apply well without a ton of fallout.

I tried priming with both a cheaper primer and a more expensive concealer. They grip on and wear nicely either way. They are more buildable instead of “Bam! Pigment in your face!”.


They do get a little powdery in the palette, but not on the skin.


Anyways, I’m quite happy with Boxycharm this month. It’s not too late to order if you believe you’ll enjoy any of these products. A friend and her past roomate ordered after seeing my InstaStory :p (I’m not affiliated)


One observation I have is that there seems to be quite a few eyeshadow palettes in the boxes. I’ve been keeping an eye on Boxycharm the past few months and there has been a palette for November 2017, January 2018, March 2018, and now April 2018. If this is their usual pattern, it’ll be safe to assume there’s a palette every two months or so. This is not a bad thing if you’re a palette fanatic, but personally, I don’t particularly want a new palette that often. Then again, you can always skip the month if you’ve seen the spoilers and they’re a hard pass.


Hugs and kisses


An emotional person’s stages of dealing with losing friends

A few years ago, I had a mass purge of people in my life who went back on their word too many times, treated me differently when I wasn’t beneficial for them anymore, or who were simply beacons of negative energy. I won’t mention any names in this post since I’m not to bash anyone, but I will walk you through the emotional stages I went through. Idea for this post came from one of my best friends who recently had to cut ties with a toxic group of people.

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Monochrome spring look with Elf Cosmetics

Oh dear lord, what is spring any more? Toronto has been covered in layers of snow in April! Guess Canada’s doomed to an eternal winter now.

Anyways, my Elf order arrived and I’m to excited to be finally trying out their coveted highlighers and the new Monochromatic Multi Stick! Despite this product not having a ton of reviews, I decided to take a chance on it and was pleasantly surprised.

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Worthwhile things other than clothes to treat yo self to

I got this idea when I had to pick up some cute makeup brushes from Winners. (I honestly don’t care if they’re not the best. I need galaxy theme brushes in my life!!) So I thought I might as well pick up some clothes since I need a few things anyways. Lo and behold, there was not one piece I liked. It got me thinking that there’s tons of things other than clothes for us fashion girls to treat ourselves to.

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Outfit inspo for first dates – love (and pollen) is in the air

I am writing from my couch today with a sore throat and just feeling blah overall ): So bear with me if anything I say in this post sounds loopy. First and foremost, what I’d wear to a date really depends on where we’re going. There are two types of settings: casual ones where you can throw something on, and more upscale ones where you have to put more effort into.

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All in due time – for impatient people unsatisfied with life

How impatient am I? I’m so impatient that I get road rage walking behind people on the sidewalk. I’m so impatient that without supervision, I’d preheat the oven to 500 degrees Celsius to cook my food in five minutes. But this post is about more than slow walkers or  potentially setting fire in the kitchen. It’s about…life. More specifically, being impatient about where I am in life.

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What I’d take with me on a surprise getaway

My friends and I joke all the time about spontaneously getting on a plane, escaping the continent, and never looking back. Bad breakup? Not sure where you’re going with life? Broken nail before a big event? Hop on a plane and never return. It really makes me think about the days before technology where you could actually start a new life somewhere else with a new identity and nobody would raise an eyebrow.

Anyways, here are five pieces I’d bring with me if I had 20 minutes to get to the airport and never return.

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