Monochrome spring look with Elf Cosmetics

Oh dear lord, what is spring any more? Toronto has been covered in layers of snow in April! Guess Canada’s doomed to an eternal winter now.

Anyways, my Elf order arrived and I’m to excited to be finally trying out their coveted highlighers and the new Monochromatic Multi Stick! Despite this product not having a ton of reviews, I decided to take a chance on it and was pleasantly surprised.

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Fall into the darkness – my frequent ootd’s lately

Just a quick update on my life- I’ve recently gone part time at my job at Trade Secrets so I can find something more corporate. So I’ve been seeing a lot more of my friends and wearing things that would normally be work-dubious. My style has definitely taken a turn for the darker. Here’s my August summer ootd’s for comparison. I’m officially bidding good bye to summer pastels and frills. The following are my top three most frequently worn outfits for the past month. Also known as me asking myself how much I can possibly dress down without looking lazy.

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